SCOA: Saluki Rescue

The Saluki Club of America does not perform 'hands-on' rescue work, but instead supports the efforts of the various saluki rescue groups in the USA. In 2007, for the first time, the SCOA offered an exhibition "Parade of Rescues", to recognize the dogs who have had their lives changed for the better through their placement into 'forever homes' via a Rescue Program. The SCOA Rescue Liaison maintains amicable relationships with the rescue groups and compiles statistical data on the overview of Saluki Rescue.

Recap of 2006 Saluki Rescue Activity:

  •  Open Rescue Cases as of 1/1/2006:  27
  • Admitted New Cases: 11
  • Discharges: 29
  • Open Caseload as of 1/1/07: 9

 Of the 38 dogs served between 1/1/06 and 12/31/06:

  • 1 was a Breeder/Owner Surrender
  • 23 were Elektra rescues
  • 8 were Owner Surrenders
  • 3 were Shelter Rescues/Abandoned Dogs
  • 2 were Owner Deceased
  • 2 Bahreini Animal Welfare import cases (SPDBS caseload)

 Case Origins:

  • 23 were from the Eastern Timezone (all Elektras)
  • 8 were from the Western Timezone
  • 3 were from the Central Timezone
  • 2 were from the Mountain Timezone
  • 2 were from Overseas

 As of 12/31/06:

  •  27 were Rehomed
  • 2 Died
  • 2 were in Rehabilitative Foster Care
  • 7 had Adoptions Pending

 Saluki Rescue Groups:

STOLA (Saluki Tree of Life Alliance, Inc.)
service area: National

Central Florida Assn. of Saluki Hounds
Sharon Mijares, Secretary
service area: Florida

Society for the Perpetuation of Desert Bred Salukis
service area: National, specializing in desert bred and desert descent salukis

Willamette Valley Saluki Club
service area: Oregon

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